Pista para portões de correr. 60x70x3 mm


Рельс направляющий неоцинкованный для откатных ворот.

Разработан специально для использования с

В продаже два варианта - длиной 5 и 6 метров.

Внимание! В связи с тем, что товар является негабаритным, доставка возможна только до ближайшего терминала компании "Деловые линии".

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Best Baller
Did not send and it is 3000₽ for delivery
Do not contact, they will be delivered after you need to pay for it for delivery and storage! That's not in the description. I can not pick up the parcel, because for it you need to pay money for storage! And money don't refund, there is a dispute and is not solved at the specified time and is transferred as a result, the parcel can not be picked up and money does not turn! This will be my last order for Ali, if I get thrown for money, I will order only for Jum, There such problems I did not have!
On October 6, 2020 decided to save! Paid here this beam, delivery means up to 20 days! Delivery by Courier (written so) BEAM 7 meters 4700; delivery (at the beginning a little more than a thousand rubles was, and when paying 3000 thousand came out for a beam of 33 kg weighing, 90₽ per kg ie .. Usually I Order 17, the edge is 22 rubles per kg. Comes out and two three weeks delivery) okay, I think but the courier to the House will deliver and this is the savings of 1000₽ and the beam itself is 1000₽ cheaper than in our city! Sent some goat TC, the track was thrown off. On the track from Noginsk to Moscow came out an order. Leave my 20 days no order, enter into understanding .. Please sold, extend the protection, no order. Extended for 25 days! 50 days pass, I open a dispute. No order. Ali writes 0 rubles a refund. I look at the track on November 26, your order was sent from Moscow to Noginsk... Draw conclusions yourself. (Today is November 28, 53 days of expectations, no beam or money)
Ivanova 6001
Paid for seven meters brought six meters
Not sent again